Are the perfect small to medium sized option, able to carry up to 12 passengers and come in a wide range of boat types.

Catamaran Yacht

People: 4-10
Length: 16-35 ft 
 Price: $-$$$

Catamaran yachts feature a multi-hull design that offers a number of benefits, making them an appealing and ever popular choice for charterers. This unique exterior and interior layout provides spacious, modern living spaces and easily accessible, well-appointed deck areas.

Motor Yacht

People: 10-40
Length: 50-500ft 
 Price: $$-$$$$$

A popular choice for luxury charter vacations around the world, crewed motor yachts can provide you with the ultimate in luxurious surroundings, spacious accommodation and an array of toys, tenders and amenities, all topped off with superb on board service.

Open Yacht

People: 2-12
Length: 60-180 ft 
 Price: $$-$$$$

The thrill of speeding on board a high performance superyacht can rival the experience of driving the fastest of sports cars, but only a luxury open yacht can offer the ultimate in comfort and speed. 

Sailing Yacht

People: 4-25
Length: 50-300 ft 
 Price: $-$$$

Whether you are a seasoned yachtsman or a first-time charterer, a luxury sailing yacht can offer an unforgettable vacation with family and friends. The variety of luxury amenities and interiors available is combined the ultimate feeling of freedom while sailing the open waters to create a charter experience like no other.

Sport Fishing Yachts

People: 4-12
Length: 60-150 ft 
 Price: $$-$$$$

For fishing aficionados looking to experience a fantastic charter vacation centred around their favourite hobby, a luxury sports fisher is the only way to go. However, these agile, sporty vessels also offer a great selection of amenities and luxurious interiors to ensure the whole family are kept entertained.

Fish & Ski Boat

People: 5-20
Length: 7-70 ft 
 Price: $$-$$$$

Stocked with amenities, cabin cruisers are a spacious and comfortable type of power boat that you can live on. Similar to a yacht or houseboat, cabin cruisers are perfect for overnight trips because they’re equipped with a sleeping area, kitchen, and small toilet.