How to use Boat60?

It's as easy as buying a chair on Amazon. Simply search the city you want to rent a boat, choose a boat of your liking, select a date, and book. The day of your scheduled event, simply arrive at the pickup location suggested. After purchase is completed, you will receive a FREE complimentary getaway voucher via email.

How to redeem purchases?

After purchase is completed, you will receive an email with your confirmation number. Simply contact the professional service provider you booked the service with, give them your name, email, and confirmation number to schedule your appointment.

How do I get a FREE vacation getaway?

It's easy. Simply book the cosmetic service you've always wanted. And we will reward you with a free couples vacation getaway to some of the best hotels and resorts across the world. That's it.

What hotels and resorts can I stay at during my free getaway?

We've partnered with some of the best hotels and resorts worldwide like The Mariott, The Westin, Sandals Resorts, Dreams Resorts, Secrets Resorts and many many more.

Can I book my free vacation getaway on any day I like?

No. Hotels and resorts have slower times of the year that they want to fill up their rooms. So we've partnered with them to allow us to give you those rooms 100%. Don't worry you will still have over 250 nights to stay at the hotels/resorts depending on the place. Simply check availability before booking your stay.

Can I get a free vacation getaway if I book on the hotels website?

No. In order for us to track who gets a free vacation, you must book through our website. We will then notify the service provider that you have purchased their services.

Will I have to sit through a Time Share presentation?

Absolutely Not! No boring 2 hour timeshare presentations. No hard upsells once you get there. No tricks or gimmicks. Just a relaxing vacation that you deserve.

How long do I have to use my Free Vacation Getaway?

You have 30 days to redeem your free vacation getaway. And 18 months to book and use your free vacation stay.

How many people can I bring on my Free Vacation Getaway?

You and one other guest. It's a free couples get away so no more than 2 people can be booked with these getaways.